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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Treading Along

I'm  on the treadmill doing my quarter mile for today. I know that is a ridiculously short distance, but I have to begin where I am; totally and completely out of shape. I have set a long-term goal of walking the Susan G Komen 3-day in AZ in Nov. I have struggled with being overweight my entire life, and, as my weight has increased, my exercise has become non-existent. 
All of a sudden, last week, I signed up for the 3-day walk. I am scared, but I also feel hopeful. I have been praying for years to overcome the inertia that has kept me strapped in my chair. What suddenly changed? I am not sure. But for what ever reason for this timing, God is answering my prayer. And as I have to start at 1/4 mile a day, God is meeting me where I am right now. In the past, I would have had an inner voice criticizing me for being such a wimp. This time, I am grateful that I am up out of my chair, and, I feel hopeful that I will continue this journey all year.
It has helped that I set a concrete goal. I have a target. Paul talks about setting our eyes on the goal of Jesus Christ as we live our daily lives.  Jesus is in my heart now, as I walk each day. And living eternally with Jesus is my long-term goal for eternity, as the 3-day walk is in earth time. But all my attempts to set a goal in the past have generally ended in failure or not being able to sustain the change. I accept God's grace for today and walk on the treadmill toward a new future. 
I guess my message is, "Don't ever give up!". My goal of wanting better health is in line with God's desires for us, so I knew I was praying for something within God's will. I knew that my bad health was a major reason I had to retire early, but I desire to be useful to God throughout my life. If I hope to serve God, I have to be in better shape.
Waiting for God's timing is hard for me. I want quick results in order to stay motivated! But God had a few lessons for me to learn. I am not even sure what they all are at this time, but I will probably recognize them as I keep walking.