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Monday, January 21, 2013

Working Together

I have watched at least part of each inauguration since President Kennedy was sworn in to office. For me, it is a day for putting aside party politics and for celebrating the amazing gift of peaceful transitions from one president to the next. Our founding fathers developed an amazing process to ensure our future without need for revolution or violence.

I respect the office of president, and even when Presidents such as Bush, Reagan and even Nixon, were sworn in, I celebrated the peaceful transfer of power and the office of the President.

I wasn't able to watch the inauguration today, but I will listen to Pres. Obama's speech on line later this evening. I think it is very special that this inauguration is celebrated on Martin Luther King, Jr Day. It somehow highlights how profound it is that Pres Obama was reelected. Though we have far to go in equality for all, we have come so far since those turbulent days in the 1960's when Dr. King was campaigning for civil rights.

  I am proud and grateful to be an American. My heart fills with thankfulness for this experiment in democracy that grows and evolves over the years, but continues to move forward in allowing each voice to be heard, each dream to be worked toward, and each need to be addressed.