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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Night Music

Last night I was privileged to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra.
It was an all-Mozart program, so the "chamber" sound of the orchestra was highlighted. David Kim lead the orchestra and Imogen Cooper was the piano soloist. 
We almost didn't make it to the concert. Our daughter gave us the tickets. She bought the season ticket for the seats we have had since the Kimmel Center opened. It was hard to let go of those seats, but I knew with the trips to AZ, I would miss more concerts than I would be able to attend. Becca had given me the tickets last weekend when we had a family dinner. I put them in my purse. As Ted and I were getting ready to leave yesterday, I decided to change from my everyday, BIG purse, to a small clutch. Yup, I forgot to transfer the tickets, and didn't think of it until we were in Center City heading to a parking garage. Luckily, I called Becca, and she arranged with the box office to have replacement tickets for us! I was so grateful for computer systems that made this possible!
I have heard Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Serenade in G major, so many times, i didn't think anyone could make it "fresh" for me. But i was wrong. The small ensemble stood, except for the cellos and basses, and they danced while they played. There was movement in their feet, and, in their music. The tempo was quick, energizing. It was as if I was hearing it for the first time. David Kim is a talented leader and hope he will find his own conducting gig, although I would hate for the Philly Orch to lose him!
I have never heard, or heard of, Imogen Cooper before. There was little personal info about her in the program, so I went searching on line. She was born in England and studies in London, Paris and Vienna. She is one year older than I am, and has what appears to me to be a grueling schedule this year. She obviously has a lot more energy than I do.
Symphony 25 closed the program. For all my Mozart listening over the years, I don't believe I have ever heard this symphony before. No one wanted the concert to end. There were three curtain calls for David Kim and the orchestra, and there may have been more, but Kim dismissed the orchestra after the third bow.
As a little girl, I used to close my eyes as we traveled long distances and listen to the rhythm of the car. In short order, orchestra music would infuse with the rhythm. It was a magical time for me. I could listen to the music in my mind for hours, making long trips go by quickly. When I attend concerts, I like to watch the players part of the time, but I also like to let my imagination engage with the music. Sometimes I dance, or the music is like background soundscape to a movie that develops in my mind.
I will miss attending the Philadelphia Orchestra. They are a world class orchestra, and their new director, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, is bringing back a vitality and hopefulness that has been missing for many years.

I became a music therapist in the 80's, mostly because music has always been a source of healing for me personally, and, because I wanted to help others move into a better place in their own lives. There is a lightness and energy in Mozart that lifts one above the fray.