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Prayers of the People

This is a place where you can share your concerns, joys and praises, so that others may share in your prayers.
I am a Christian, and, from time to time may share scripture, but this page is open to anyone of faith. 

Disclaimers - But there are ground rules:
  1. This is a site to share genuine prayer requests.
  2. This is not a place to promote a particular perspective or belief. 
  3. This is a site of caring and compassion; anything that encourages or expresses hate, violence or oppression is not permitted.
  4. In order to preserve privacy, please do not mention names; refer to people as friends, family or acquaintances, i.e., please pray for my sister, co-worker, etc.
Any postings not following these guidelines will be removed. Anyone who repeatedly posts outside these guidelines will be banned from the site.

For me, praying for one another, comes out of a belief that God cares for the concerns of all people, and responds to all needs and cares. It is a way to offer support, and to express the belief that God will intervene; not always in the way we wish, but always for the ultimate well-being of each person.

Please share in the comments section.