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Since the events of Dec 14, 2012, in Sandy Hook, CT, there has been a heightened interest in Aspergers Syndrome and the role it may have played in the violent behavior of the perpetrator.

While there are disruptive behaviors often associated with Aspergers Syndrome, most clinicians and researchers agree that there is not a higher incident of violence from people who have Aspergers.
Aspergers syndrome criminal behavior

There are early behaviors of frustration in not being able to relate well with others, in having a single focus that caused anger when thwarted by others, and of being bullied for their sometimes "odd" behaviors. As with any person who suffers rejections, anger from others and bullying, these experiences can lead to violent behavior. But there is little evidence that Aspergers causes the violent behavior.
Anger and violence in Aspergers

If a child displays problematic behaviors, it is important for parents to seek help in correctly diagnosing the problem, and then work with a clinician to help the child learn more acceptable ways of interacting with others. This is true for any behaviors that are potentially dangerous if not addressed.

There is also evidence that due to the single-mindedness that is often a part of Aspergers behavior, folks diagnosed with Apergers also have a good chance of becoming leaders in their field of interest, and contribute greatly to society in a positive manner.
Famous people with aspergers

There are several sites available to provide information, support and help to people with mental health diagnoses. Here are two:
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