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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Shanley Family in Free Fall

     I admit straight out that I only read about 15% of the book. It is the story of the Shanley family; mother, Deb; father, teenage son, Simon; and pre-teen, Kay. And an angry ex-lover of Jack. She prints out all the e-mails and texts sent during their torrid romance, and leaves this time-bomb at the desk of the apartment where Jack lives. Kay comes home, and the doorman asks her to take the box to her mother. Her curiosity leads her to begin reading what is in the box, she shares it with her brother, who then shows it to his mom, etc.
     It is quickly revealed that Deb met Jack while he was still married to someone else. I decided I had no desire to wade through the rest of their sordid life. Other reviews have pointed out that the book is divided into four parts, with the second part revealing how each family member turns out, and then going back to explain how they arrived where they ended.
     Ms Pierpont's writing is good. I just didn't feel like wasting my time with this family. I give it 2 stars.