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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Bones of You

     The Bones of You is the story of a young woman, Rosie, 18 years old, who goes missing and is ultimately found murdered. It is the story of her family and the dynamics that have lead to this moment in time, and, of a neighbor who becomes consumed in understanding what has happened to Rosie.
     Ms Howell's utilizes the device of moving between the concerned neighbor, Kate, who has a daughter the same age as Rosie, and Rosie's observations from the hind-sight of her death. It is similar to Alice Seabold's The Lovely Bones, I do not feel that Ms Howell is able to pull it off as smoothly or convincingly. 
     While the writing is adequate, the story is so disturbing, that I did not like this novel. It was a story of pure evil, generational abuse, and how children can become lost in the abuse of their parents. For this reason, and the awkward passing back and forth between the living and the dead, I only give 2 stars to this novel.