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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting started

Welcome to tea. I'm glad you discovered my site. I like to meet new people, listen to their stories and share some of mine. I am interested in many things: personal stories, reading, knitting, music, political issues, spirituality, etc.
As I share some of my thoughts, I hope to hear from you. I am always trying to expand my knowledge and understanding.

I try to start each day with some time of meditation. I find that sitting quietly, listening for God's voice, sets my whole day on a smoother path. That doesn't mean that upsetting things don't happen, but I have a better chance of remaining calm inside.

I have had to deal with many things over my life, and, as a counselor, I have helped others to find their way through difficult times. Through these experiences I have learned many life lessons. I would like to share these experiences: I don't want to waste all that I have learned. I believe that wisdom also brings with it a responsibility to pass it on.

I have set up several different topic pages, and I will probably add to these as you express what you would like to read. If you have questions to which I don't know the answers, I will do what I can to find answers, and, to open discussions to those who follow this blog.

I will try to add to each page at least once a week. This is my "job" at this time. You can sign up to receive update notices. I hope this will become a favorite place to rest a while, and share a cuppa tea with me.